7 ways to destress after your nursing shift

7 ways to decompress after your nursing shift

After a stressful long shift at the hospital, all you probably want to do is relax and decompress. Often when we come home, we find the exact opposite of tranquility. Your errands and household tasks seem to be a long never ending list and it leaves you wanting to tear your hair out in frustration. … [continue]

Valley Awarded - 2017 Best Staffing Firms to Work For

Valley Awarded – 2017 Best Staffing Firms to Work For!

Valley Healthcare Staffing announced today that it has been named “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts in North America and the UK. The award was measured on 10 key engagement categories including teamwork, trust in senior leadership, manager effectiveness, compensation, feeling valued and benefits. “At Valley, we pay extraordinary attention in … [continue]

5 Travel nurse insider tips from Valley Healthcare Staffing

5 Travel nurse insider tips from Valley Healthcare Staffing

It is exciting to start a new travel nurse assignment. There are so many places you can go, people you can meet and adventures to be had. While there are many perks and advantages to being a travel nurse, it can be hard to navigate your way around your new life. Our seasoned travel nurse … [continue]

Perks of being a travel nurse in snowbird states

Perks of being a Travel Nurse in Snowbird States

There is a high demand for travel nurses in snowbird states such as Florida, Texas, and California (states where retirees flock to). As these sunshine states continue to grow their elderly population, it drives the high census for registered nurses in intensive care, operating room, and other specialty areas. Per FierceHealthercare, 63% of hospitals use … [continue]

Travel nurse life hacks: Turn your temporary house into a home

Travel nurse life hacks: Turn your temporary house into a home

As a travel nurse living the free-spirited lifestyle, you may have some fears and feeling of uncertainty about moving to a new city, making new friends and starting a new life. We have all been there, looking through our Facebook, reading old text messages from our friends and family and feeling homesick. It’s ok though, … [continue]


3 Travel Nurse Safety Tips When Visiting a New City!

It’s been a genuinely simple process up until now. You’re on track for your travel nurse assignment, you were talked with, you were offered a job and you simply got your travel and lodging squared away. As you’re getting ready for your new adventure, you may begin wondering about the city you’ll call home for … [continue]

The Impact of the Repeal Affordable Care Act on Travel Nursing

With the looming “Repeal and Replace” of the Affordable care Act (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), all of us are anticipating either significant changes or slight modifications.  In other words, no one knows what alterations are forthcoming nor when they can be expected.  The political posturing seems to paint competing landscapes, sometimes austere and … [continue]

Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses

Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses As the balance of travel nursing tilts toward VMS and MSP services, the process of payroll, billing, and time reporting changes as well.  Some for the better, but the proficiency and efficiency of the process rely upon a comprehension of the technology and use of timekeeping Staffing and … [continue]

The Importance of Travel Nursing Job Applications

For most travel nurses, completing travel nursing job applications is among the most reviled aspects of landing a travel nursing job. This is understandable given the detail requested by most travel nursing job applications and the sheer volume of paperwork that travel nurses must contend with. However, the travel nursing job application is perhaps the … [continue]