Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses

Payroll and Time Reporting for Travel Nurses As the balance of travel nursing tilts toward VMS and MSP services, the process of payroll, billing, and time reporting changes as well.  Some for the better, but the proficiency and efficiency of the process rely upon a comprehension of the technology and use of timekeeping Staffing and … [continue]

The Importance of Travel Nursing Job Applications

For most travel nurses, completing travel nursing job applications is among the most reviled aspects of landing a travel nursing job. This is understandable given the detail requested by most travel nursing job applications and the sheer volume of paperwork that travel nurses must contend with. However, the travel nursing job application is perhaps the … [continue]

Jeopardizing Your Nursing License as a Traveler

State nursing boards have the authority to investigate claims against nurses and revoke a nurse’s license for a variety of reasons. Each state has a formal Nurse Practice Act that clearly outlines violations that result in revocation. State nursing boards investigate claims against nurses and only take action when there is a basis for a … [continue]

Travel Nurse Pay – 401Ks for Travel Nurses

My Personal Discovery This year I was blessed to have found and to have read the book, Money – Master the Game by Tony Robbins. Based on extensive research and interviews with some of the most legendary investors at work today (John Bogle, Warren Buffett, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio, Carl Icahn, and many others), Tony Robbins … [continue]

The Tooth-To-Tail Guide for Starting Your Travel Nurse Assignment

I am often asked, “How long until I start working my travel nurse assignment?” And, nothing would make me or your recruiter happier than to respond, “Tomorrow!” The real answer is, “It depends.” Submitting a good application and receiving positive professional references will most often influence the facility to move quicker on scheduling an interview … [continue]

Travel Nursing Interview Scenarios

Like all job interviews, travel nursing job interviews are a key facet in landing the jobs you want. However, there are many differences and nuances when it comes to travel nursing interviews. For example, travel nursing job interviews often have unique formats. Understanding these formats will help travel nurses prepare for their travel nursing job … [continue]

Travel Nursing Interview Tips

In our last blog post we discussed travel nursing interview scenarios. In this blog post, we’ll offer some recommendations for questions to ask and topics to cover during your travel nursing job interview. We’ll also discuss the importance of communicating with your recruiter after your interview is complete. Like a permanent job interview, your travel nursing … [continue]

How Baby Boomers Will Impact The Need For Travel Nursing

Baby boomers impact on the healthcare industry has been for some time now. At 78 million and 25% of the population, it’s a generation impossible to ignore. New data from represented in this infographic by Maryville University’s Nurse Practitioner Program suggests that as baby boomers age, the number with multiple chronic conditions to grow from the current 8.6 … [continue]

Gorilla on the Phone

Got These Traits of an Awesome Salesperson? Internal Recruiting Opportunities at Valley

Valley Healthcare Staffing can help you make your next big career leap — not just a step into another sales position. We’re looking for great salespeople with at least two years of experience who want to impact the lives of job seekers and contribute to our great company culture. If you’ve never thought about recruiting but … [continue]