What are we all about? This should help you know…

Valley’s mission is to be an innovative provider of clinical staffing services, intuitively subscribing to our noble cause of placing others above self. ¬†Since our renaissance in 2014, our Team creates cultural inertia that makes our noble cause easy to support by trusting each other, embracing conflict, being committed, being accountable, and giving undistracted attention to results.

Our vision is to genuinely and intuitively use Teamwork to solve problems for others and be the first thought when everyone we know thinks of Team. And, through Teamwork, to deliver healthcare staffing solutions that serve our customers, the invaluable nurses we serve, and ultimately the patients who rightfully deserve the best care.

Our Team is Humble
- It’s about the team, not self-oriented, interested in the good of the organization over individual praise and acclaim

Our Team is Hungry
- Self-motivated, willingness to take charge, ability to seek answers with little direction

Our Team is Smart
- Street smart, high EQ, knows how to read people, do the right thing

Our Team is Healthy
- Provide great clinicians to help others, sincerely care about our health and the health of those we serve

Our Team is Genuine
- Vulnerable, disagree but then we commit, always seeking resolutions to conflict

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